Street Fever – The Beginning … Of a Legacy!!

Street Fever originated from humble beginnings; A family-owned business with roots entrenched deep in their heritage. The foundation was laid back in 1974 when the eldest of four brothers opened a men’s outfitter in Cape Town. The sneaker culture itself was created in 1989 with the opening of an outlet called Bronx, one of the first sneaker stores in Cape Town.

The brothers combined and saw an opportunity in the market to create a leading, independent sneaker store, culminating in the opening of the first Street Fever in 1996 in Cavendish Square, Cape Town. Fast forward to today and Street Fever boasts 124 stores across South Africa, along the way earning itself a reputation as a leader in the lifestyle and sports footwear category in the country.

From the outset, the business’s philosophy and mission has always been to bring local and international premium footwear and athleisure brands to those South Africans that share similar values in this remarkable retail category.

Be it for work or play, Street Fever embraces the inherent street and athleisure culture by creating a sophisticated, retro style shopping environment for its customers while having on display a wide range of both local and international trusted brands.

We challenge the status quo; we celebrate the trend-setters; we aim to be different but most of all we stay true to our heritage and humble beginnings. Although we aim to be different, no one is yet different in our eyes.

Our staff and YOU, the person reading this, OUR customer, are the heartbeat of our business. Our values and mission are always displayed and portrayed through the interactions one becomes accustomed to and familiar with when visiting any Street Fever outlet across South Africa.

We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we are simply here to keep it moving in a unique way.