28 May 2019

Street Fever Bonteheuwel Community Outreach

Street Fever Bonteheuwel Community Outreach

Street Fever recently reached out to Bonteheuwel resident Riyaad Avontuur to see where they could assist with his local athletics club, Bonteheuwel Central Athletics Club which he established in 2018.

What started out as training sessions for his daughter has turned into +- 50 children gathering on a field in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, three days a week. With the lack of basic needs or shoes on their feet. But they run - hoping to stay away from drugs and gangs and end up somewhere brighter.

Street Fever contributed to their club Sports Day on Wednesday, 1 May with bottled water and then handed out much needed team kits on Saturday, 18 May at their training session.

We’ve added a video of the athletics club in their new kits below:

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